"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

Puppy and Obedience Training Without Food or Fear


Socialization or Dog Size? Which Greater Impacts Child Aggression?

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Early Socialization And Ongoing Training Are More Significant Than Dog Size When it Comes to Child Aggression Hi John, I always enjoy your column.  I was somewhat surprised to read that dogs need to be socialization to children.  Perhaps I have largely been around dogs that were socialized at an early age to kids, but [...]

Aggression Problem in a Maturing Cane Corso

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“Some people have recommended that I put him (Cane Corso) down” Hello Mr. Wade, I have a 14-month-old Cane Corso. He a 140 pounds highly energetic, affectionate and fairly protective dog. An obedience school trainer told me he would not benefit from obedience school and would have a better chance with someone like you. He [...]

Electronic Fence

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Hello John, I have a sensitive dog that is maybe fear aggressive.  Unfortunately he escapes from our yard to chase children on bikes and terrifies them.  We are vigilant about watching him but all it takes is a quick escape when someone is at the door and he’s out. We are considering an electronic fence [...]

Dog on Dog Aggression

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Hi John, I have a 2-year-old King Shepherd named Shyloh and a German Shepherd attacked her last summer while we were camping. Before this happened she was always a very gentle and loving dog with both people and other animals. This other German Shepherd definitely got the best of her. Shyloh was sunning herself, lying [...]

Father Knows Best

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John, My daughter and her husband have a dog (probably about 2 years old) that demonstrates a lot of aggression, particularly when confronted about taking objects. He has been briefly around their nephew (age 1 year) and growled at him.  My daughter is pregnant, due in January. We had the dog at our house this [...]