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Are Two Puppies Better Then One?

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Two Puppies Better Than One?

Two Puppies

Dear John,

We recently have decided to get two puppies; male labradoodle’s, they are only 2 weeks today and we wont be getting them till mid OCT. At the time of deciding to get them me and my husband had figured it would be a good idea to get both since 1. we have no other pets, 2. we have a 1 acre lot, 3. I’m home 4 days out of the week, and 4. they would keep each other company. The reason I am writing is that a lot of people have told me that it was a bad idea to have two siblings from same litter at the same time. I was wondering if you had any advice on this matter. Do I have to worry about them not obeying me because they have each other, what about the alfa male, I was told I had to keep them separated the whole time and they would not be able to let free by themselves without them fighting.

-Simona (North Carolina)

Hi Simona,

Sometimes two puppies from the same litter works and sometimes it doesn’t. In my opinion, doing it this way more often then not carries a risk of more problems and complications then benefits as it leaves a lot to chance but it really depends on a range of factors. I wouldn’t do it so they have company.



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