"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

Puppy and Obedience Training Without Food or Fear

John “Ask the Dog Guy” Wade

Will Cane Corso hurt my dog?

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Cane Corso

Will Other Dog Be Safe Around New Cane Corso? This inquiry came in after the author had read one of my other Cane Corso columns. (http://www.askthedogguy.com/aggression-maturing-cane-corso/) Hi John, I’m currently not a cane corso owner because I’m doing as much research as I can now before getting one. I have 2 questions. First, I have [...]

Loving Your Dog is the Easy Bit – Training Your Dog Tangibly Shows That Love

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There’s a petition circulating at this time to: “Punish Florida deputy that SHOT family dog after trespassing on property!” It seems that the property was posted as having dogs and the deputy either in his haste missed the sign or felt professionally required to prioritize his actions and felt that trespass was for the greater [...]

Introducing a Dog and Cat

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Hi John, My boyfriend and I are moving in together in a few weeks. He recently adopted a 2 year-old female German Shepherd and I recently adopted a kitten. We would like to introduce them but I am nervous that the dog will attack the cat. I know it is necessary for her to sniff [...]

Tip: Crate Comfort

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Cheap and effective crate training tip. Many people put a blanket or a towel inside the crate for the dog’s comfort. For pups it can become a target for chewing which can for some transition into a problem with chewing things made of fabric outside of the crate so I don’t put that sort of [...]

Dog Vs Cats at the Vets

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Snap Collars are unsafe for untrained dogs

Hi John, I have a had a problem with my dog junior. Every time we go to the vet and pass by a cat , Junior escapes from his collar and runs away. It has been happening more now and is very annoying.It’s really hard to keep him under control. I tried holding him but [...]

Dog Fight

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Dogs Fighting

Hi John, My name is Danielle and currently I have three dogs. I have a bouvier (4) and Akita/Shepherd (2) and a black lab (4 months). We have just recently moved into a new home that is located on acres of land and provides the dog with a lot of running room. Lately we have [...]