"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

Puppy and Obedience Training Without Food or Fear

John “Ask the Dog Guy” Wade

Dog Walking As We Know It Is Bad For Many If Not Most Dogs

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Veterinarian Study Leads to Promoting Regular Dog Walking Among Dog-Owning Clients I take quite the opposite stance regarding dog walking from what these veterinarians have concluded from their well meaning study. I believe dog walking in its current North American manifestation, does far more harm then good for many, if not most dogs and I do not [...]

Puppy Critical Socialization, Fearful Puppy and Reputable Breeders

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Why Are Some Puppies Fearful? I have a fearful puppy (four-month-old) cane Corso who I got from a very reputable breeder in New York. I have bonded very well with him and he’s fabulous with me he is also very good with my husband and four kids. The issue that I’m having with him is [...]


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2 Year Old Rottweiler Now Hates the Vet My almost 2 year old Rottweiler now hates the vet. I don’t mean when we go there. I mean he only hates when they start poking him, and try to muzzle him, or give him meds. Anything that has to do with meds and shots and grabbing at [...]