"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

Puppy and Obedience Training Without Food or Fear


What is Breed Prejudice? I Am Accused Of Being A Dog Breed Racist

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Breed Prejudice

I received this comment from a local woman that has owned a Cane Corso (which she had problems with) after she read some of the content on this site in which I responded to questions from Cane Corso owners. She says, “breed discriminate” but based on earlier correspondence I believe meant breed prejudice. In an earlier similar [...]

I Debate Claire Staines, an ‘All Positive/Force-Free’ UK based Dog Trainer

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Background I posted on my Facebook page this short video as an encouragement to read a column I had written all positive and harnesses and received a comment from an ‘All Positive/Force-Free’ trainer named Claire Staines. I invited her to debate. The link to the article referred to is here: http://www.askthedogguy.com/harnesses-all-positive-dog-training/ Below is as much [...]


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When I see that someone shares something I’ve created, It makes me think that something I wrote resonated and the person sharing makes me recall the Edmund Burke and Eldridge Cleaver quotes found in the header and at the very bottom of this post. Maybe what I wrote, was just something with which they agreed. [...]

Harnesses And ‘All Positive’ Dog Training

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Using sophism the ”All Positive/Force-Free’ companion dog trainers have convinced themselves and others that any collar around a dog’s neck is now inhumane and that harnesses are currently the only humane choice. Perhaps, to the average companion dog owner, dog trainer, veterinarian, vet tech etc. this isn’t as apparently revealing as I wish it were. So [...]

Donating To A Rescue? Some Are Rescue Mills

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donating to a rescue

I just read an article about an animal rescue that is including in its mandate the promotion of veganism that reminded me how important it is to be very careful when donating to a rescue. From what I can tell, the vegan agenda wasn’t for the animals (thank goodness – I’ve seen that before) but [...]