"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

Puppy and Obedience Training Without Food or Fear


Should I get a second dog?

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dog and cat friends

Hi John, I was wondering what your thoughts were on getting a companion animal for our dog. He’s only alone 3 days a week for a long period (about 8 hours), but I feel bad for leaving him. I’ve heard that a cat can be good company, and I’d rather go that route than get [...]

Stubborn Victorian Bulldog

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Old Victorian Bulldog

Hi John, I have a year old Victorian bull dog named Barney. I adopted Barney from a stranger who was just going to drop him off at the humane society. Bentley was 10 months when I got him. He seemed to be abused. Barney is overall a wonderful dog but lacks in training. I have [...]

Dog to Dog Aggression

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dog to dog aggression

Dear John, I have a 3 yr old neutered male GSD with dog to dog aggression He went from docile to aggressive to most other dogs. I have contacted trainers, behaviorists, vets, and have been unsuccessfully working on this problem for a good 6 months. The dog is never mistreated but I think he began [...]

Flying with a dog

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flying with a dog

Hi John Having a hard time deciding if flying with a dog in a carrier going in front of the seat is a good idea. She has never flown before, its only 2.5 hour flight to Florida. Is getting a sedative or no eating or drinking before flying a good idea? Need some straight answers [...]

Fearful Pit bull – Floor Vents

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Fearful Pitbull - Floor Vent

We have a 5 year old fearful Pit Bull named Oreo. She is the sweetest, happiest, Clumsiest dog you’ll ever know. She is a spoiled rotten lap baby (a house dog, obviously). Right at a year ago, we (my fiancĂ©, who has owned Oreo since she was 6 weeks old, Oreo, and I) moved into [...]