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"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

Puppy and Obedience Training Without Food or Fear


Great Tip For Breeders & Veterinarians & Vet Techs (& People That Want to Travel With Their Dogs)

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Car Sick Dogs and Puppies

I get this sort of letter fairly frequently: Frequently this is perceived as a motion sickness issue (and sometimes it is) but more often than not it’s a byproduct of a common mistake breeders and puppy owners make during the dog’s critical socialization period and more specifically smack dab in the middle of the pup’s [...]

Aggressive Australian Shepherd

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aggressive australian shepherd

Hi John,   My daughter has an aggressive Australian Shepherd mix. He is a little over a year old. She brought him home from college in June and he has progressively gotten aggressive. He is a sweet dog-99 percent of the time--but lately without reason (other than a perceived quick movement -ie getting up from [...]

Calming Your Dog’s Anxiety During Thunderstorms and Fireworks

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A lot of dogs suffer from anxiety during thunderstorms and when there are fireworks. I've written about it frequently. There was an article recently in Science Daily on the topic as well. Here's an excerpt and a link to the complete article. "Dog owners everywhere feel a pang of anxiety as the Fourth of July [...]

Puppy Socialization Related – Why Wolves Are Forever Wild, but Dogs Can Be Tamed

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One of the topics I'm most passionate about from an educational perspective is puppy socialization so I keep my eyes peeled for new research. I found this recently: Jan. 17, 2013 — Dogs and wolves are genetically so similar, it's been difficult for biologists to understand why wolves remain fiercely wild, while dogs can gladly become [...]

When does the rescue stop and and the rehabilitation begin?

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Hi RMM, Often the biggest thing standing between many rescue dogs and and significant recovery is their owners. Time and patience is part of the process but the prognosis is far better regarding time-line and extent with the right sort of skills and effort. Sometimes the effort required is more then the owner has time [...]

Dog Scared of Hot Air Balloons and Is Afraid to Go For Walks

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Hi John: Our dog was frightened by  hot air balloons flying very low. However, two weeks ago whilst out on a walk she came practically face-to-face with a balloon about to take off and since then I can only describe her behaviour as verging on paranoid. The situation is now rapidly deteriorating.  Over the last couple [...]