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How To Buy The Best Possible Presa Canario

Presa Canario Puppy

Future basketball star with plenty of dog knowledge and also a Gemini very capable of handling myself lefty and ambidextrous. Nobody like me. Anyway, so I’m looking at the Presa Canario (just like me). I think it would be the perfect dog. What can you tell me? I want a male puppy black brindle? What do you advise regarding feeding training etc.

– Qa’ron Djordan (Providence RI)

presa canario

Dear Qa’ron,

“Plenty of dog knowledge” or not let’s pretend for a bit, that I am more or less to the “dog game” as you see yourself to the basketball game. 🙂 So, please consider heeding my advice.

Remember that the cheapest part of any dog is the purchase price. If you don’t want to make mistake an expensive lesson, the first step is to do your homework. Even a basketball star has to work at getting the best results. In this case, your first task is doing some research on your opponents. In this case, your first opponent is the number of breeders producing bush league Presa Canarios.

how to buy a Presa Canario

Presa Canario

Most dog breeders can talk the talk but few can walk the walk. You won’t be able to tell the talk from the walk without first doing your homework. Don’t walk onto that court without doing your pre-game preparation. You will get eaten alive and if you aren’t thoroughly prepared, you won’t even know it.

So, read the articles I’ve written and linked to below, to get an idea of how many people thought they knew what they were doing and found out otherwise. After you’ve done that, and still believe a Presa Canario is the dog for you, – read my inexpensive ebook about socialization BEFORE YOU GET A DOG.

This short book will help you tell the all-star breeders, from the all-talk, no-walk breeders (the majority) and get the most bang for your buck. It will also help you learn how you form a temperament in your dog, so he fulfills his genetic and social potential, both on and off the court (home and on outings) so that he is a stellar representation of what the Presa Canario has to offer.

You will very much be this dog’s coach for the first three years of his life. Be forewarned; like many high-end athletes, a Presa Canario is not an easy dog to own. Do this wrong and they will own you. They are not mini-vans. They are Ferraris. And, just as when you get that pro-basketball first contract and send to me out of sheer appreciation for my guidance that high-end sports car, if I don’t learn how a Ferrari runs, how to maintain one and learn how to drive one in the way they were intended to operate I’ll significantly increase the chances that I’ll roll your gift; perhaps hurting, myself, someone else and the Ferrari.

Presa Canario Tips

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Sometimes the best decision you can make about this level of dog is to put off getting one until the time is right. They are not pets. They are hobbies.

In the right hands (someone who has loads of free time) they are great. In the wrong hands, (perhaps, someone who is on the cusp of becoming a basketball superstar, and is planning on taking seriously the time commitment and responsibilities associated with that level of play, PLUS time required for family, PLUS all the relationship opportunities available to a pro basketball superstar, PLUS a social life and PLUS appearances on TMZ Live for hopefully wonderful contributions to society) – they can become guns with brains and at the very least very unhappy players wishing they could be traded to a team that can better utilize what they have to offer. So give this some very serious thought before you negatively impact your life and the life of another being.

BEFORE you even start looking for a Presa Canario, read everything here (totally free):
You won’t regret investing the time reading it.
Get that far and we talk about feeding and training etc.

-John “Michael Jordan” Wade