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Peeing Labrador Retriever

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peeing urinary tract infection

Hi, I have a 12-week old labrador retriever. I got her a few days ago, and she was peeing perfectly fine a few accidents (on our part) but she has great! But today, she won’t stop peeing. At first, I thought it was because I gave a lot of water, so I put her outside for about 30 minutes while I did something. As soon as I brought her in the peeing started again (on the carpet). I then did the same thing, and there was more peeing. So, I walked outside with her, resulting with her peeing 15 times. They were very small, but she peed six times before I brought her in the second time. I’m not sure if she has an infection or what, and she does have fleas. Please help me.

K.M. Yuma Arizona

Hi K.M.,

Peeing that is that frequent and small in amount almost certainly a urinary tract or related infection. Almost. The gender and age fit right in, the breed less so. Get her into the veterinary clinic for confirmation and treatment for both the incontinence (and the fleas). First, because they can be painful. Secondly, because the more accidents she has in the home, the harder to break. Note that it usually takes 3 – 4 days for the antibiotics to take hold. As a result, some people stop giving the antibiotics at that point. Big Mistake. It will come back.

I’m sending along a house training cheat sheet and progress tracking chart to get her back on track once she’s feeling better.

Bring a stool sample (hers) into the veterinary clinic, as if she came to you with fleas she may very well have worms as well. Outside of the impact on house training, at her age, there’s only so much she can take and left untreated you’re likely to wear her out physically if she has a urinary tract infection, worms and fleas.

– John

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