A New Cocker Spaniel That Is Fearful Of Men (Man)

Episode Synopsis

Fear of men is more common than you might think and usually entirely avoidable.

Often people think it’s due to the dog being abused by what it fears, in this case, males, but the truth is the problem is almost always due to a breeder’s neglect to provide appropriate exposure at the correct age, and then failing to inform the new owners of the limited window to complete proper imprinting.

These are the resources mentioned in this episode:


I’m betting this article will surprise both first-time prospective dog owners, and experienced dog owners.

Questions To Ask The Breeder Or A Rescue Before Deciding This Is Where You Want To Get A Dog

Socialize Your Puppy for Everything by John Wade (eBook)

This is a good book to read cover to cover before selecting a breeder or signing up for a class described as ‘puppy kindergarten’, or puppy socialization class. You’ll learn whether a breeder is just talking the talk or actually walks the walk. You’ll also learn how to prepare your pup’s temperament for the real-world.

Socialize Your Puppy for Everything by John Wade (eBook)

Soundtracks for Socialization and Desensitizing Fearful Dogs

An ounce of prevention. See if your breeder will play these soundtracks in the whelping area, and continue to do so yourself when you bring your puppy home. It’s only a piece of the puzzle, but it’s a piece.

Soundtracks for Socialization and Desensitizing Fearful Dogs

 – John Wade 🐾 (www.askthedogguy.com)

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