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‘V-Training’ (Puppy And Dog Training With John Wade Information)

Ask The Dog Guy - John Wade

Puppy & Dog ''Virtual+' Training' With John Wade

You will find answers and links to most of your questions about various 'Virtual +' - puppy and dog training programs below. You can even book online.

- John Wade

Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime +

Please Read This First

These ‘Virtual+’ training programs are extremely thorough. We will be using readily accessible technology so we do not lose whatever face to face advantage you some believe that an in-home or group training class provides.

You will be working with me personally (John Wade). I am a highly experienced, knowledgable full-time companion dog trainer and have been for over 30 years. I’m also a prolific author, fairly popular speaker, and my own geographic region’s most frequently client and veterinary referred and highest rated companion puppy and dog trainer (Over 60 5-Star Google Reviews). I have also successfully been offering ‘Virtual+’ Training to companion dog owners around the world for many years.

However, I want this to be an investment in your dog and not an expense, so I want to be clear. What will be required of you both before the ‘Virtual+’ – Training session itself and afterward will involve work (and patience.) I do not offer the sort of ‘quick fix’ (‘All Positive/Purely Positive/Force-Free/Never Say No/R+…’, treat, treat, treat or ‘Might Is Right’, Alpha, Pack Leader, Dominant (Yank and Crank) pseudo-science most commonly found in the amateur companion dog training world.

A complete description of what the ‘Virtual+’ – Training programs constitute generally speaking can be found below and links to the specific program links (puppy, adolescent, adult, behavior problem, and rescue dog) further below.

If all that doesn’t scare you off (😄) you will find at the end of each specific program’s description, a link to the costs, and availability so you can book a time that best suits your needs.

John Wade

Table of Contents

'Virtual+': How It Works

Part I: Pre-Session Preparation

The first part (with the exception of the puppy program) involves sending video of ‘where you are’ with regard to areas such as ‘Stay,’ ‘Come’ and “Heel’. In addition, for all programs you will begin to create a ‘wish-list”. “I want my dog to …,”, “I want my dog to stop …”, “Good Lord, I don’t want my dog to ever even think of …”

Note: The puppy program kicks off with extensive guidance before the scheduled ‘V-Training’ session regarding the areas it’s always best not to have to wait to begin:

  1. Temperament/Shaping Development (Avoiding fear of children, thunder, fireworks etc.)
  2. Crates: Dos and Don’ts (Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes The Crate(s) A Sanctuary.)
  3. House Training (Teaching Your Puppy To Eliminate 3x/day/1 Spot In The Yard.)
  4. In some instances, guidance may be required to deal with excessive puppy mouthing, nipping and biting.

Part II: Virtual Face-To-Face

The second is the ‘V-Training’ which can be done using Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet etc,. For this part, we don’t require your dog. It’s for my learning more about you and your dog and how to move forward in a manner best for you and your dog. It’s for laying the foundation for moving forward. You’ll be learning things like, how your dog sees the world and decides who’s the teacher and who’s the student. You’ll learn what exercises I recommend and how to break them into small steps so neither you or your dog become overwhelmed or discouraged. You’ll also learn how to gently transition into being a loving authority figure (without treats, or might is right), so you can more effectively, naturally and fairly shape your dog’s behavior. You can expect to invest in one sitting 2 – 3 hours. There’s a lot of information in a relatively short period of time (so put on a pot of coffee).

Part III: Review, Notes, Recommended Exercise Video Examples

The third part begins with my forwarding you:

  • A thorough written review.
  • Video examples of the exercises I recommend.
  • Equipment recommendations. (if required.)
  • Charts for tracking your progress.

Part IV: Where The Real Work/Journey Begins

For this part of your ‘V-Training’ program you will need to be familiar with using your smart-phone to record and send video. This part of the program is completely voluntary, but this aspect of your program utilizes this phenomenal tool to track and tune your progress over the weeks to come. Without exception every ‘V-Training’ client that has utilized this aspect has found it incredibly useful.

I will use these videos to make you aware of what needs massaging so that your progress is as stress-free on both you and your dog as possible. I do so by returning the videos you send with a voice-over breaking down what can be improved upon which you can review at your leisure repeatedly.

Links to 'Virtual+' - Training Programs (Puppy, Adolescent, Adult, Behavior Problem, Rescue Dog)

'Virtual+' - Training Programs

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