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Booking a Virtual Dog Training Consultation with John Wade

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When you haven’t had any success using local training assistance with the basics or specific difficulties an in-depth telephone or Skype consultation with John Wade can be extremely effective in helping you get honest, experienced answers as to why your dog is doing what he or she is doing and what to do about it.

What You Can Expect

Step One

Send A Brief Overview

  • Send Me Some General Information Via The Form At End Of This Page

Step Two

Review and Reply

  • After I’ve reviewed the notes sent via the form below I will reply with an estimate as to how long you can expect the consult to be (typically 1 – 2 hours) and what you can expect the consult to cost, my openings, and based on the issues you’re having with your dog and an outline of the additional information that I believe will make our consult most effective. Occasionally this includes a list of certain circumstances I’d like you to video.
  • After I’ve received answered any further questions you have and you’ve provided your date preferences you will receive a confirmation email for our appointment.

Step Three

Our Video Or Telephone Consult

  • You will not be invoiced until after the consult is completed and likely not until the following day. Payment can be made by credit card and if in Canada bank e-transfer.

Step Four

Notes – Review and Training Plan

  • You will receive the morning after your consult, extensive review notes that include a program tailored for your specific needs.

Step Five

Progress Check Ins

  • You will also optionally receive frequent progress checks from me over approximately a three month period.

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