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Chews the Leash?

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If your dog chews the leash “Leashette Recipe”

The Beautiful Balance Dog Training With Nature's Template CoverWhen you’re not watching closely enough and your dog chews the leash here’s a way to keep it from becoming a habit. (You should be reading my book “The Beautiful Balance – Dog Training with Nature’s Template” to learn how to keep this from happening.) Sometimes it’s boredom, sometimes it’s when it’s chewing something you want him or her to chew and he or she loses track and while in the “chew zone” chews the leash. You can make up a “chews the leash” leashette easily and inexpensively. One end attaches to the dog’s collar and the leash is attached to the other. It’s just a short length as it’s less noisy. It’s not as satisfying a chew and stops most dogs from paying attention to either end of the leash.

The length I suggest should be the equivalent length of the top of the head of your dog to the floor when the dog is standing. One way I suggest to get something like this pre made is to tell people stop the next burly biker they meet and ask them where they can buy a wallet chain or he’ll sell them his. However I have noted that a lot of my clients are surprisingly shy about approaching people so I have the following do it yourself strategy with inexpensive parts you can buy at the hardware.

Leashette Recipe

If you’re planning on keeping this attached when walking with your dog as some grab at the leash then make sure you’re buying quality parts suited to pressure your dog might exert if you are caught off guard.


1.  2 Snap hooks (sometimes one will do if the clasp on your leash will attach to the chain) Get your snap hooks first so you can make sure they fit through a chain link

Snap hook for making a "leashette" for a dog that chews the leash.

2.  A short length of chain (measure from top of dog or puppy’s head to the floor. It’s less noisy.)
Chain part for making a "leashette" for a dog that chews the leash.
 Attach to the ends
Carabiner attached to chain for making a "leashette" for a dog that chews the leash.
 Attach your leash to one end and the “leashette” to the collar.


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