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Puppy Chewing/Chews The Leash?

Preventing Puppy Leash Chewing

Puppies are like human babies, until they know better (are taught, or learn the hard way) if they can reach something, there’s a good chance it’s going into their mouths.

So the best fantasy, (I mean strategy 😄) is to always supervise, catch, and teach what is appropriate to chew, and what is inappropriate to chew. However, the reality is that you won’t ‘catch’ them all. Winning 8 out of 10 day in day out is a pretty good day, and will usually get you where you want to go, no matter what you’re teaching your dog. However, for those 2 out of 10 times, here’s a tip on how to discourage at least some of the leash chewing.

Here’s a ‘Puppy Leash-ette Recipe’ that more often than not keeps a puppy from developing a leash-chewing habit.

Puppy Leash-ette Recipe

Keep in mind almost every chewed leash I’ve ever seen that has been gnawed on (or through), the damage was within 18” of where the leash attached to the dog’s collar or harness.

What You Will Need

1.  One Quality Choke Chain, that end to end is about as tall as your puppy. Any longer, and it will be noisy on the hardwood floors. Click Here For An Amazon Link To Choke Chains

2.  One Carabiner (preferably locking.) Click Here For An Amazon Link to Locking Carabiner (Hard to find them sold individually)


Attach the carabiner to one end of the choke chain, and your leash to the other end, and voila, you have a ‘leash-ette’ that in most cases heads-off leash chewing.

Puppy Chewing/Chews The Leash

– John Wade 🐾 (

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2 thoughts on “Puppy Chewing/Chews The Leash?”

  1. You seem to know your stuff. My boxer chews on his leash a lot of times when we walk. Like a mouthpiece that football players wear in there mouths, I believe he may be doing it as a anxiety mechanism and also loves to play tug of war. He eats through leashes like NASCAR drivers go through tires. Can you please recommend a leash that will be able to endure this kind of treatment and stand up to the wear and tear?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jon,

      Ideally, you want to solve not just the problem of having to replace leashes. You also want to solve your dog’s problem. If this is anxiety based we’d have to chat. If it’s once anxiety and is now just habit we might still have to chat. As to stopping the leash chewing from a pocket book perspective, you would make up a very short length of chain with an O ring on one end, to attach a leather leash to and a snap of some sort to attach to his collar. It should be just long enough so that when he reaches for leash, he instead gets chain (something uncomfortable to hold or chew) and yet you still have the benefits of something that is still comfortable for you to hold. You could also teach him to play tug or war and not play tug of war, but as I say that would require a bit of a chat.


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