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Smart Dog? – Find a Balanced Dog Trainer

What is a Balanced dog trainer?

Balanced Dog TrainerA balanced dog trainer uses Nature’s Template as their guide. In essence what every mother dog, wolf, ape and human being has always done. A lot of positive and occasionally a little, “Because I said so.” 🙂 A balanced dog trainer knows that one size (approach to training) does not fit all, just as one child approach to life may be cautious and another may be more of the Charlie Sheen outlook. They tailor their approach after assessing the dog and their clients. While the latter might be obvious it not too uncommon that trainers approach their training expecting their client to essentially become them or they make a companion dog owner’s goals harder to achieve by embracing a one size does fit all approach.

Sometimes that approach is strictly corporal sometimes it is what is often referred to as all positive i.e. the dog owner ignores their dog’s “bad” behavior and rewards their good. (If my mom and dad did that I’d be dead. 😀 ) Sometimes they will only work with clickers or treats or maybe a certain collar. Whether one extreme (corporal) or the other (all positive) neither are found in nature. Nature seeks balance and frankly if either of those extremes was the best way that’s what mother dogs, wolves, apes and human beings would be doing.

A balanced dog trainer puts themselves in their client’s shoes and look at things like the size and/or drive of the dog as it compares to their client’s handling experience. They pick their leashes and collars and recommend technique accordingly. A balanced dog trainer never loses sight that there is only so much of their clients left over at the end of the day and that while they love their dog their lives cannot revolve around them in the way a trainer’s might.

Find a balanced dog trainer. They’ll connect your dog’s life with yours so you can go more places and do more things together.

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