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Recent Q & A's And Articles

Dogs Fighting

Dog To Dog Aggression – Unfamiliar Dogs

Unfortunately, because the world of dog training is driven by people (trainers) that love dogs most dogs end up being influenced more by their hormones, breed genetics, bloodlines, and evolutionary programs alone, as opposed to these things AND a loving authority figure in the context as is universally found in higher order social species such as dogs, wolves, apes, humans, etc. Here’s how dogs are often led astray, and needlessly become aggressive with unfamiliar dogs. – John Wade

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A New Cocker Spaniel That Is Fearful Of Men (Man)

Episode Synopsis Fear of men is more common than you might think and usually entirely avoidable. Often people think it’s due to the dog being abused by what it fears, in this case, males, but the truth is the problem is almost always due to a breeder’s neglect to provide appropriate exposure at the correct

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It's not the size of the dog in the fight

Adolescent Female Doberman Fighting Dogs She Lives With

“Super Sweet And Never Been Aggressive Towards Us” I have a female doberman 15 months.  She has had aggressive interactions starting at about 10 months, (she came into heat around a year) with my other 3 dogs, 2 females and a male, golden retriever, saint Bernard and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Most times there is an

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