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Whatever breed or issue that you’re having with your dog, there will something to help. If not, send a question of your own.

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Struggling with puppy mouthing, nipping and biting? House training? Crate Training? Go here for puppy category content.

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The Five Most Common Cane Corso Training Mistakes and How To Avoid Them And End Up With Your Dream Dog

Can’t find a good dog trainer, more of a do-it-your-selfer? Have a look at a wide range of eBooks written by John Wade available for immediate download. As well, some useful dog training equipment either designed by John Wade or recommended by him.

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Who is Ask The Dog Guy? What does embracing science and common sense mean? Find out here.

Recent Q & A's And Articles

Dogs Fighting

Why Dogs That Live Together Start Getting Into Serious Fights

The movie the Lady and The Tramp wasn’t a canine behavior documentary. Not all dogs, due to the nature, and, or nurture reasons outlined above are inclined to live with other dogs. However, sometimes we set them up to fail. There are options, and results vary. With enough effort, it’s technically possible to force dogs that live together to behave, but that’s not the same thing as enjoying living with other dogs and can be very stressful on one dog, or the other(s), and the owner.

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Dogs Fighting

Dog To Dog Aggression – Unfamiliar Dogs

Unfortunately, because the world of dog training is driven by people (trainers) that love dogs most dogs end up being influenced more by their hormones, breed genetics, bloodlines, and evolutionary programs alone, as opposed to these things AND a loving authority figure in the context as is universally found in higher order social species such as dogs, wolves, apes, humans, etc. Here’s how dogs are often led astray, and needlessly become aggressive with unfamiliar dogs. – John Wade

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