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Recent Q & A's And Articles

It's not the size of the dog in the fight

Adolescent Female Doberman Fighting Dogs She Lives With

“Super Sweet And Never Been Aggressive Towards Us” I have a female doberman 15 months.  She has had aggressive interactions starting at about 10 months, (she came into heat around a year) with my other 3 dogs, 2 females and a male, golden retriever, saint Bernard and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Most times there is an

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Boxsky Boxer Siberian Husky

Help For A Young ‘Boxsky’ (Siberian Husky Boxer X)

No Crate And Six Mile Walks Instead of a crate, my six-month old Boxsky puppy gets to sleep in my room with the door closed. I have trained him thoroughly and have a professional dog trainer as an aunt, and I’ve learned everything from her. But yeah, I could definitely still be doing something wrong

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Charlie The Bichon Frise (13 years old)

Bichon Frise Mauled By Another Dog Now Tentative Around Owner

Sometimes he will flinch when I go to pet him. He never did that before, and while I am undoubtedly reading into his behavior, it feels like he doesn’t fully trust me. He has always been wary that I have ulterior motives when I am sitting on my couch and call to him, I think because he associates that with my giving him the medicine of some kind (he is prone to ear infections with all the hair in his ears.)

But the flinching is new. It doesn’t happen all the time, even much of the time, but does happen occasionally. There is also, it seems, a certain shyness around me.

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