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Shocking a Puppy for Peeing In The House

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Hello, I have a 9 week old Cane Corso puppy and potty training doesn’t seem yo be going as well as I have been reading in the internet or as easy as the members of my Cane Corso facebook group says. She keeps doing her business inside the house, despite us sometimes being outside moments [...]

Puppy House Training – Ask the Dog Guy’s Cheat Sheat

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Puppy House Training That Works Puppy House Training can be frustrating but it can be done quickly and efficiently with perfect structure. The instructions in this puppy house training program are thorough. They’re simple but they’re non-negotiable. You have to do everything recommended because they all make a difference and have their purpose. It’s worth [...]

House Training Your Dog – 5 Days – Guaranteed

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The Keys to Opening the Door to No More Accidents in 5 Days or Less + How to Get Your Dog To Eliminate in One Spot 3 Times a Day! 50 pages – Downloadable in PDF format $14.97 A lot of the dog owners I meet have been frustrated not just by their dog’s behavior [...]