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Shocking a Puppy for Peeing In The House

Hello, I have a 9 week old Cane Corso puppy and potty training doesn’t seem yo be going as well as I have been reading in the internet or as easy as the members of my Cane Corso facebook group says. She keeps doing her business inside the house, despite us sometimes being outside moments earlier. I catch her in the act and immediately take her out, as well as take her out 30 min after she has water. Things aren’t getting any better in 2 weeks (breeder forced me to take her at 7 weeks as he us selling the mother). Could I use a puppy shock collar for when she is about to squat in the house and then I can take her out immediately?



You don’t aversively shock a 9 week old puppy for ANYTHING.
I am not saying that static shock collars are bad anymore than a scalpel is bad, but they can be used badly. They can be used HORRIBLY. What you’re proposing to do is extremely wrong and to not understand that is borderline socio-pathic.
Should you follow through with what you are proposing I can absolutely guarantee that when the authorities are made aware, you will have your Cane Corso puppy removed, face criminal cruelty charges and at the very least be banned from owning another dog.
You wrote for help but have put me in a position where giving mere advice isn’t enough to set my mind at ease that you will do the correct thing. From the way you’ve phrased things it appears you are only contemplating and haven’t actually shocked this puppy for peeing. As a result we have a little wiggle room as to how we might proceed.
I am attaching a free copy of my e-book on house training puppies. I’m also attaching a house training cheat sheet and a scheduling template to track your progress. Read it all and send me questions if you have them.
Contact your veterinarian. I have visited your Facebook Page and the veterinarian’s Facebook page where you left a comment. I spoke to the receptionist a few minutes ago and they are expecting your call. (You mention in one of your Facebook comments that she has a sensitive stomach. What she may have is worms. She might also have a urinary tract infection.)
I expressed my concerns and they have agreed to further advise you with regard to your insane proposal.
I will follow up with up with your veterinarian later today to make sure you have chatted. If they can assure me that you have assured them you understand just how bad an idea this is, the matter ends here.
If not, because you’ve put me in an unconscionable position I ethically have no option other than to contact the authorities.

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