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Shocking a Puppy for Peeing In The House

Dog Holding A Bog No Stop Sign - www.askthedogguy.comHello, I have a 9-week-old Cane Corso puppy, and potty training doesn’t seem to be going as well as I have been reading on the internet or as easy as the members of my Cane Corso Facebook group say.

She keeps doing her business inside the house despite us sometimes being outside moments earlier. I catch her in the act and immediately take her out, as well as take her out 30 min after she has water.

Things aren’t getting any better in 2 weeks (the breeder forced me to take her at seven weeks as he is selling the mother).

Could I use a puppy shock collar when she is about to squat in the house and then take her out immediately?

That's A Big “No”!

Dear CC

house soiling - House Train Your Puppy in 5 Days - One Spot 3X/day.Definitely do not use a shock collar in this manner. That will almost certainly backfire in so many ways and is entirely unnecessary. You can housetrain a puppy to eventually go to the bathroom three times a day in one spot, in relatively short order. It just requires a little while of working with your puppy based on what a puppy is capable of at different stages of puppyhood and some diligent supervision on your part. 

I confess that I’m pretty taken aback that somehow you’ve come across some advice recommending a shock collar for housetraining a puppy. Whoever advised you to do so knows far less about behavior modification than they think, and I’d advise you to ignore them in the future.

I am sending you a private email and attaching a free copy of my e-book on house-training puppies, “How to Housetrain a Puppy in 5 Days or Less by John Wade”. I’m also attaching to the email my house training cheat sheet and a scheduling template so you can track your progress. Read it all and send me questions if you have them.

– John “Ask The Dog Guy” Wade  – 🐾Embracing Science and Common Sense🐾

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2 thoughts on “Shocking a Puppy for Peeing In The House”

  1. Hi John–I found the above article when searching “using a shock collar to housetrain a dog.” I have a 5 year old toy Yorkie that I rescued in August. (I believe she came from a puppy mill). I cannot get her trained to poop outside. She pees outside on a pee pad on my porch. (She won’t use a pee pad inside to do either. Any suggestions on how to break her from pooping on my carpet every day?

    1. Hi Carol, I’ll email you my house training cheat sheet. Barring health issues, that program if started at 8 weeks of age usually results in a dog that is house trained to go out three times a day and eliminate in one spot only. It will still work for you, but as your Yorkie is much older, it will take a lot longer. Longer still if he isn’t crate trained. The cheat sheet is a combination of a little know how and the embracing of organization, patience and setting small goals and laying the blame when there is an “accident” at the feet of the two-legged folk in the household.

      – John “Ask The Dog Guy” Wade – Embracing Science and Common Sense

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      & FREE Brain Drain Activity Guide For Your Dog

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