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Note – If you are within a 1-hour radius of London, Ontario Canada you can book a private in-home appointment – Click here to learn more.

Some dogs are minivans and some dogs are Ferraris. When you have the latter you will sooner or later discover that the two most common approaches to companion dog training, ‘All Positive/Purely Positive/Force-Free’ or ‘Might Is Right’ have insufficient impact or in some cases seem to make things worse.

The more common but highly flawed ‘All Positive/Purely Positive/Force-Free’ methods produce results that 30 years ago we called tricks. Companion dog owners are often told that this approach is “science-based”. It is and it isn’t. In environments where all variables can be controlled at all times, yes behaviour can be shaped in the manner some dog trainers recommend. However, only up to a point and in real world settings with real world distractions working on real world time lines this method unravels quickly In addition, as has been so recently illustrated in the documentary Blackfish, in spite of outward appearances there are other significant problems and consequences.

A better alternative to both ‘All Positive/Purely Positive/Force-Free’ and ‘Might Is Right’ companion dog training is the manner in which dogs, wolves, apes human beings naturally teach and learn. This is the scientific model that works best in dog training. It works far better and is much easier for companion dogs and dog owners and without treats, treats treats or ‘Might Is Right’.

If your dog is a Ferraris dog and you’ve found it difficult to find a local trainer that isn’t all about treats, treats, treats or yank and crank – book a consult.
You’ll be surprised. You’ll learn and accomplish more in a single consult than multiple weeks of training.
There’s no risk. You don’t pay in advance. If you feel at the end it was a waster of time, say so and you won’t be invoiced. (Never had that happen.)

Send me an email with some information about your Ferrari and your goals and I’ll reply with further details on how to book your session.

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