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Why Dogs Don’t Listen (and what to do about it!)

‘Why Dogs Don’t Listen and What to Do About It’ is an evening with barrels of laughter and buckets of learning with popular speaker and dog trainer John Wade. John’s presentation style is liberally peppered with anecdotal humour and a priceless perspective of the goings on in the companion dog and dog owner’s minds.

If you’ve ever attended a dog training class or done research on the Internet only to still come away with a dog that seemingly can hear you but doesn’t listen or after each walk leaves you with one arm stretched slightly longer than the other or still thinks ‘Come’ means, ‘If you have a minute, could you check your day timer?’ Attend ‘Why Dogs Don’t Listen’ and you’re going to find out why and what to do about it.

Tavistock - Why Dogs Don't Listen‘Why Dogs Don’t Listen’ covers things like a how a dog sees the world, how a dog makes connections as to who is the teacher and who is the student. He will share his perspective about the pros and cons of the two main approaches to dog training; the treat based – all positive all the time and the more traditional but more severe, ‘might is right’. In this presentation, John will share a refreshing alternative to these two extremes. One that is easy to use and resonates positively with all companion dog owners and their dogs.

Take home what you learn at Why Dogs Don’s Listen, and you’re going to see some astonishing results.

If you are looking for a client appreciation evening (it doesn’t have to be a dog related business client appreciation event – everyone likes dogs and loves this show) contact John to learn how to organize, get marketing material and more. ([email protected])

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