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Snap Collars are unsafe for untrained dogs

Hi John, I have a had a problem with my dog junior. Every time we go to the vet and pass by a cat , Junior escapes from his collar and runs away. It has been happening more now and is very annoying.It’s really hard to keep him under control. I tried holding him but he just jumps and runs. What can I do?

Joel in Florida

Hi Joel,

I’m just guessing but I’m betting you’re using one of those adjustable snap together collars. Untrained dogs shouldn’t wear them as even if they are snugged to fit so that they won’t slip over the head they loosen off on their own with 3 days wear will slip. When they first came on the market several years ago some manufacturers used to add a warning to let dog owners know this. Depending on the type of dog you should switch to a safer collar more appropriate for physical control and/or training. What type of breed and dog’s age influences what collar I would recommend.

From a training perspective you should first assess what is reasonable to ask of Junior. Before you worry whether he’ll listen to you around his arch nemesis the cat; will he recall, stay and keep his leash loose in less challenging circumstances? Will he lay on a mat without reminders long enough for you to make and drink a cup of coffee? If not you shouldn’t expect much from him or yourself around cats. Start small and work your way up.



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