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Breeders and Breeding

Bulldog Breeding Problems

The following has been requested as a result of a column I wrote: PLOS |Genetics – Bulldogs’ Screw Tails Linked To Human Genetic Disease Mansour, Tamer A., Katherine Lucot, Sara E. Konopelski, Peter J. Dickinson, Beverly K. Sturges, Karen L. Vernau, Shannon Choi, et al. “Whole Genome Variant Association across 100 Dogs Identifies a Frame …

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Bulldog Breeding Cruel

English Bulldog Breeding is Animal Cruelty and Abuse

Dear John, John, what do you think of English bulldogs as a family dog? I’ve done some on-line research and learned a lot but I’d like to get your opinion. Thanks Frank Hi Frank, With the Internet it’s for the most part easier to make make informed decisions regarding many of our purchases. However once …

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