Children and Dogs

Toddler Tidbits

Hello Mr. Wade, I hope you can help me. I need guidance in reference to correcting an interaction between my 1.5 yr old daughter and our Maltese. I’m trying to teach my daughter how to interact with our Maltese by modeling asking for a paw, then petting him after he does it. She tends to …

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Christmas Pets

Christmas puppy season is approaching and generally speaking I don’t have a problem with getting a puppy for the family during the holiday season. However, specifically speaking there is a problem if the prior few months haven’t been devoted to searching for the right match as far as breed and breeder. Far too much can …

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Which Baby First?

My girlfriend and i have decided to adopt a puppy in the new year, but as luck would have it my girlfriend is now 2 months pregnant. We also have an 11 year girl old in the house already who really wants a puppy. What i was wondering is would it be better to get …

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Car Sick

Dear John, I have a 3 month old purebred Whippet. He was flown in from England with my Granny which of who is the breeder. He is very out going and loyal puppy. Loves to be around people and snuggle. My issue is every time he is in the car, he begins to foam/drool at …

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In Home Appointments – Full

It’s amazing what can be accomplished in an In home appointment vs the hectic environment of group dog training. Without the unnecessary distraction of a half a dozen strange dogs, but with the necessary normal distractions of day to day home life your dog can be taught the sort of skills that will include it …

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About John

About John Probably the best way to get to know me is by reading a few of my columns. You’ll find I enjoy working with dog owners as much as I like working with dogs and I have a sense of humor of sorts. Writing I have a column syndicated with Sun Media with an …

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