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In Home Appointments – Full

It’s amazing what can be accomplished in an In home appointment vs the hectic environment of group dog training. Without the unnecessary distraction of a half a dozen strange dogs, but with the necessary normal distractions of day to day home life your dog can be taught the sort of skills that will include it your life on almost every level. Clients make up their own wish list and we work from there. From my experience working with city dogs and owners if nothing else a dog should know how to come, heel and stay on a mat. A dog that is taught those disciplines is going to enjoy a long and happy life as they are the skills that are required to achieve true exercise, mental stimulation, and access to their owner’s lives.

The best time for me to see puppies is at around the 10 week mark but I do like to chat with dog owners before they have selected a breeder as I can help them avoid many common mistakes that ultimately impact the dog and the relationship for life. Puppies are taught how to inhibit their desire to mouth at hands, feet, pant legs etc., how to keep their feet on the floor, how to sit still for grooming even at the hands of a clumsy eight year old boy, and much more. I’m not a big fan of teaching puppies to do a strict heel as everything we take for granted on a walk is a brand new experience so for this one exercise I show a way of easing into it so dog and owner can maintain a properly balanced relationship so the teacher/student bond isn’t damaged.

Most important, you’ll be taught the simple principles of Nature’s Template™ and you will easily understand how your dog sees the world, how it makes connections between who’s the teacher and who’s the student and how to apply that to any situation where you would like to guide your dog’s behavior. Everyone that normally interacts with the dog on a day to day basis is welcome to be there, children can come and go, jump and scream to their hears content, other pets are free to distract whenever they wish. I want to train in the environment you train. That’s real and only fair.


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