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Day Camp

Teaching Heel

The day program is typically a five day program with your dog dropped off in the morning and picked up in the evening. Boarding arrangements can be made for those not within driving distance. At the end of each training day I spend time with the dog owner showing what was accomplished with the dog and teaching the handling cues the dog is learning to the dog owner.

It has been my experience that the three things that allow a dog the most freedom in life are the same three things that dog owners have the most difficulty teaching their dog to do.

Come and/or Heel – Regardless of the distraction of animals, people etc.

Running about, playing with other dogs, chasing a ball for half an hour or more is the sort of exercise that provides true physical and mental health benefits. Somehow in North America we’ve come to confuse walks with exercise. A walk is an excellent way of stimulating a dog’s mind but with the exception of the toy breeds should not be considered exercise. A properly exercised dog benefits in several ways, as does its owner. Exercise relaxes a dog’s body, but also its mind, resulting in an overall calmer dog that is easier to live with.

Go to Your Mat – Regardless of distraction, particularly in kitchens and home entrance.

For many dog owners, dinner time or a knock at the door can be a hectic time. Even without the distraction of a guest, the suggestion that a walk is imminent can create turmoil at the door. Teaching a dog to go to a mat can not only improve reduce the havoc in these situations but can also be used as a tool to direct a dog when visiting a friend, going to a ball game etc.

If you are looking for a way to find the dog you lost when you could no longer motivate it to come, heel and stay consider investing in the day program. It will be the best investment you can make in your dog.

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