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I know time is precious so when you subscribe to Ask the Dog Guy’s Dog Newsletter the email you receive will include only 4 – 6 a few links to the most interesting, essential of the articles I’ve collected during the previous week. Subscribe to Ask the Dog Guy’s Dog Newsletter (John Wade) and you’ll receive free:

  • John’s weekly ‘Ask the Dog’ Guy nationally syndicated newspaper column
  • Training tips in the form of articles, videos and sometimes podcasts
  • Awareness links to common health problems
  • Alerts regarding food or toy problems that arise from time to time that you might other wise miss













I add many things every week to the dog newsletter that I think will be of interest to dog owners or at least bring a smile to their faces. If you want quick access to all of that week’s articles or content from the dog newsletter past issues just click on the Dog Newsletter Menu item. There’s an open invitation extended for dog owners to forward to the dog newsletter links to articles, videos, or pod casts they come across about on topics pertaining to training, behavior, disease prevention, diet, etc. videos, podcasts etc. It doesn’t hurt to send in items pertaining to your own dog as well. I love pictures and videos of dogs doing funny things but also showing training issues you might be struggling with. If I don’t have the answers we’ll find someone that does!

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