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The Cane Corso – The Five Most Common Mistakes

How To Avoid Them And End Up With Your Dream Dog eBook

The Five Most Common Cane Corso Mistakes

Cane Corso Realities and Myths

The Best $9.99 U.S. You Will Ever Spend On Your Cane Corso

Breeds like the Golden and Labrador Retriever are in the body and mind the dog world’s mini-vans and pick up trucks. Other breeds are tuned more Porsche-like, while others still are in the Ferraris or even the Formula 1 category. The Cane Corso is no mini-van.

As long as you know and understand the Ferraris genetics you have and learn to drive and keep your Cane Corso in tune, in a manner in keeping with his or her model (genetics) you can avoid a whole lot of heartache and seriously increase the amount of life-shared pleasure you get from your Cane Corso and he or she gets from you.

People not intimately familiar with the breed that have brought them into a non-working home and do not address what the pages in this eBook impart will soon learn that these dogs have not forgotten what their grandparents did for a living.

Great In The Right Hands, But . . .

In the right hands, the Cane Corso is a fantastic dog. However, and I’m not being hyperbolic, in the wrong hands, they can become much more so like guns with brains.

The correct way to embrace ownership of a breed with the genetics and the accompanying drives, intelligence and physical abilities of a Cane Corso is to consider your Cane Corso as a passionate hobby as opposed to simple pet ownership.

If you take what you read on the following pages to heart two things will happen:

  1. You won’t accidentally make matters worse (and that is very easy to do).
  2. You will learn to use the mighty component of ‘Nurture’ (as in ‘Nature vs. Nurture’) to reduce the influence of any genetic shortcoming (Nature) and exponentially positively influence your dog’s future quality of life.

Breed Myths

That said, most of the myths regarding the Cane Corso are just that, myths. They aren’t stubborn. They just set the bar higher than some breeds as to who they deem worthy of listening. They don’t take years before they settle down. They don’t only listen to men. They can come when called, stay and heel – No Matter What. You don’t need treats (or ‘Might Is Right’) to train them, etc.

Rather than any inherent failure in the overall breed’s genetic proclivities, the things they typically have negative ‘reputations’ for have far more to do with these two factors:

  1. How careful their breeders have been with the genetics they are working with before they selected a breeding pair as well as how they handled the puppies up until they were sold.
  2. Whether the puppies find themselves in a mini-van vs. a Ferrari capable home.

Raising and training a tremendous Cane Corso isn’t hard, but it will be a bit like naturalism and realism painting. If you want to end up with an image that best represents the picture you have in your mind’s eye regarding your life with a dog, you need to paint with all the colors, not just the ones you like or are convenient.

Paint With All The Colors

Trust me when I say, the Cane Corso is far more often than not one of those breeds that needs a few more colors in the palette if you want the picture you have in your head regarding living with your Cane Corso to be your long-term reality.

Whether you currently have a young Cane Corso or are thinking of getting a Cane Corso or if you’re having problems with a young Cane Corso, this eBook is intended to provide the direction you need so you can ensure the correct path for your Cane Corso and so he or she can grow up to fulfill his or her potential, be a fantastic canine companion and always be an excellent ambassador of its breed.

Best $9.99 U.S. You’ll Ever Spend On Your Dog

The eBook is only $9.99 U.S. less than you very likely spent on treats on your last visit to the pet supply store. If you’re just starting out with your Cane Corso it may very well be the best money you ever spend on your dog.

The Five Most Common Cane Corso Mistakes is available in a variety of formats. iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and as a PDF download on this website.

Click one of the images below to purchase for your preferred file type/device.

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