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House Training and Boy Friend Training

My boyfriend decided that he wanted a dog. I did not, as I did not want to have to go through house training another dog. Nevertheless, he went out and bought a dog from a pet store.

We have not been able to get him trained. He will be outside for hours and then come into the house and pee and poop in the house. I have tried spraying vinegar on the spots he likes to go and it does not help. I have tried putting his nose in it, and putting him in his cage as a punishment but nothing seems to work.

Now I’m to the point I want to get rid of him, but my boyfriend doesn’t. My boyfriend is gone all day or out of town working and I have now gotten stuck with a dog I really didn’t want in the first place. This dog needs to get trained or he’s out.

I am at my wits end and need help.


Dear Sue,

I think you should find him another home. While you’re at it you might as well see if you can’t find a home for the dog too. All right, I kid. I’ll give this fellow the benefit of the doubt. Everybody makes mistakes and yes playing loose with one’s girlfriend’s wishes and feelings and a dog’s life is a big one but let’s start the training with teaching the boyfriend to ‘Sit!’ ‘Stay!’ long enough to take another shot at having a meaningful chat about the impact his poorly thought out purchase is having on you, the primary love of his life, and an innocent: the dog.

I know I can find help in your area for the house soiling and other training issues; but while good trainers can make things a lot easier, they can’t make things easy. Good training requires work, organization and a positive mental attitude. If you didn’t want a dog because of the work that is inevitably involved you shouldn’t be made to have another dog. Particularly when the boyfriend isn’t around enough to help to help meaningfully. It’s not fair to you and it’s certainly not fair to the dog. If the dog is now being subjected to forcing his nose in his own bodily waste, and being left outside for hours on end things are bad. That’s no way for a dog to live.

I repeat; if you’re sure having a dog isn’t for you it’s time to take another run at pointing the boyfriend’s nose into the news in a way he can’t ignore. Maybe start by leaving him out in the yard for a few hours’ All right, I kid yet again but your boyfriend seems a lot like some dogs I’ve trained. I know they could hear me; they just weren’t listening to me. With these dogs, I just kept changing approaches until I found a way to talks some training sense into them.

One thing for sure, both dogs and girlfriends need love and respect and it’s up to you for the dog at least to speak up loud and clear. If you talk some sense into him, let me know and I’ll help you find a home for the dog. I know lots of good rescue people. If you have a change of heart and decide that the effort in turning the dog around is an investment in your future, I’ll find help for you with that too.

Pawsitively yours,

John Wade

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