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House Training

Ready for Straight Talk About House Training?

Did you know that a dog of any age can be trained to eliminate:

  • Three times a day
  • In one spot
  • In less than a minute

No gimmicks though. It requires:

  • Know how
  • A little organization
  • Some understanding of how your dog’s mind and body work
  • Fact – They can’t all be saved.
  • Fact –  The good news is most can.
  • Fact – There are many things the average dog owner can do to help their dog without the need for a dog trainer.

Did you know that by 10 weeks any healthy puppy should be able to sleep through the night, that by 16 weeks of age shouldn’t need to go out more than three times a day. Did you know some breeds are harder to house train than others? Do you know how to tell the difference between a puppy that just isn’t getting it and a puppy with a urinary tract infection?


Breeders can make harder or easierDogs aren’t born aggressive. Yes there are breed predispositions that make it more likely some dogs will become aggressive just like there are breed dispositions that make it more likely that some dogs will herd or retrieve. You will learn that most of your dog’s aggression is learned and if your dog can learn it you can help your dog unlearn it.

Turning your dog around is not going to hinge on keeping your dog off the furniture, or sleeping in your bed offering a treat. Success will only come by understanding how your dog sees the world and makes connections regarding who is the teacher and who is the student and how to use those things – and more – to get your dog back on track.



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