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Introducing a Puppy Papillon to a 15 Year Old Dog

I had to put my 15 year old Papillon male dog down after he has been sick for the past 6 months, and he was living with his little sister , 12 year old Penny, who is a miniature pincher, and I would love another Papillon male dog, Penny always got along very well with Tyler who we miss terribly, would it be safe to get another Papillon puppy to be with Penny, she is healthy overall and is very loving?

Jackie – Lewiston, Maine

Hi Jackie,

With that background it usually works out in the long run. However what can make the transition difficult for your older dog and sometimes impossible is:

  • You don’t run interference for the older when the younger Papillon is overly rambunctious. Some older dogs don’t have the patience or the ability to deal with it. Supervise them and leave a leash attached to the harness of the puppy. If you can’t find a harness that small try a cat harness.
  • If the personality of the new Papillon isn’t a reasonable match to the dog you just lost. When you’re picking a puppy try to find one that is similar.
  • You chose a gender different than your last Papillon. Might be alright but the battle of the sexes pops up in the dog world too. This ties into the next point.
  • You don’t keep an eye on things when the new pup enters adulthood as it’s not uncommon for some to  more seriously assert themselves with regard to the established dog.

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