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July Events

LotsaDogs Rescue has organized few workshops.

LotsaDogs Rescue is a registered charity and is located just east of Toronto near Whitby.

To Register of For More Information: [email protected]

JULY 13 will be in the morning for NOSEY DOG CLASS.

John Wade will teach your dog to track and its fun and a great game to play and keep your dog mentally stimulated. This is for ALL breeds $50 per DOG. Min amount of dogs to hold the class is 15. will be 9:30am to 12:30 kids over 10yrs welcome ($20 surcharge per kid)

SATURDAY July 13 in the afternoon E-COLLAR TRAINING

Taking the ‘shock’ out of ‘shock collars’ which are actually Remote Training Collars. 1:30 -4:30pm
Learn how to use these collars. If you own one already you still need to be trained to use it and if you don’t have one but want to see what they are about this is the class for you. Dogtra Collars available.
This class is great for ANYONE who needs to train their dog are a distance. Teaches recall to scent & sight hounds as well as ANY other breeds, stops aggression, bad behaviour. Where no fence is available at other ppls cottages or farms the e-collar is an instant ‘fence’ for your dog.
Class min ppl $100 (collars to use and purchase are avail)
To take BOTH classes save $25 and pay only $125


This class is not just for beginners. Its for anyone who wants to learn to train their dog or just learn ABOUT dogs!
In the morning you have a group lesson while your dog goes off to play and get worn out. In the afternoon John will work with ea person and their dog on one ‘issue’. Your dog has multiple issues? You’ll see all the spectrum of issues in this session. Your dog has NO issues? Likey that’s because YOU have been trained lol but so what? Come see all the other dog ‘issues’ . You never know when you need to know some thing to help someone else.
Lunch included, $125 per person, Family $300 (3 people, kid over 14 only)

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