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Keynotes & Workshops

Stanley Coren – author of The Intelligence of Dogs and many other dog books.

“John Wade combines a hands-on understanding of dog behavior and misbehavior with an ability to communicate clearly and to hold the attention of an audience. He is well worth listening to. – Stanley Coren, PhD, FRSC, author of “The Intelligence of Dogs””

“Our student’s exposure through John, to the world of canine behavior modification will help them address one of the most common practice enquiries and that is canine behavior problems. His willingness to participate in our program is a valuable asset.” Dr. John Tait DVM, MBA, CFP, Coordinator of the Externship/Electives Program, Ontario Veterinary College.

“John Wade is exactly the type of educator the dog industry needs more of. He engages the audience with entertaining stories and wit. But more importantly, his breath of knowledge and theory is backed up by practical, hands on experience. It is a win/win combination. Dog owners and dog professionals alike will benefit from time in John’s audience.” – Robin MacFarlane – That’s My Dog

John and Brother Christopher - Monks of New Skete

“John’s presentation on dog aggression at the ’09 IACP Conference was very strong, integrating clear understanding of aggression with obvious experience in dealing with owners and their dogs. His discussion about interviewing the client was comprehensive and enlightening, and his good humor and wit kept his audience smiling and interested. A very fine talk, indeed.” – Brother Christopher – The Monks of New Skete.”

“John Wade brings a down to earth practical approach to the art of dog training and living with dogs. Based on years of experience dealing with all dogs and especially difficult ones John knows what works and what does not work. He can explain the theory and compare it with the practical results that has you saying “That is the way it should be!” His analytical approach to determining the causes of behavior problems and straight speaking regarding dog owners and, how to build a relationship with them to bring about change, is what every dog professional needs to know. Educational, entertaining and humorous, John is a speaker I would recommend to any group who really want to know what happens in the real world, where experience and results are the main ingredient.” –Martin Deeley, 2008 Gun Dog Trainer of Year for Great Britain & CEO International Association of Canine Professional “

John and Kyra Sundance - Stunt Dog Trainer, author of “101 Dog Tricks” and “The Dog Rules”

“Your workshops on canine behavior were key to our success in offering attendees a world class product. They were extremely well received by the audience which included student and practicing veterinarians, veterinary technicians, humane officers and other persons working in the animal care field.” – Dr. Jeffrey A. Rau, DVM, M.Sc., B.Sc (Agr), President of the Ontario Veterinary College Animal Welfare Club

“John is a captivating speaker who deals with the difficult topic of dog aggression in a positive and encouraging tone. John’s methods empower his audience with knowledge, and challenge them to consider the tough ethical questions of doing what is best for the dog and also the people surrounding the dog. John’s energy and humor keeps the audience entertained and engaged. If you have the opportunity to attend his seminar, you won’t want to miss it! – Kyra Sundance – Stunt Dog Trainer, author of “101 Dog Tricks” and “The Dog Rules”

Conference, Club and Dog Owner Workshops

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