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Affordable In-home Puppy and Dog Obedience Training

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John Wade Ask the Dog Guy

A Loose Leash Walk – No Matter What!

Come When Called – Around Any Distraction!

A Solid Stay – At The Front Door, Kitchen And On Stairs!


What better obedience training setting than your own home?

  • Your kitchen where we’ll teach your puppy or dog to “stay” during family meal preparation and eating
  • Your doorway where we’ll train your puppy or dog to “stay” when guests arrive and before and after walks and trips to the bathroom
  • Your stairs where we’ll teach your dog “no running”
  • With your own children when teaching the puppy to stop jumping or mouthing
  • To “Come” and loose-leash “Heel” in your own neighbourhood.
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Doesn’t It Make Sense for Everyone To Be There?

  • That means the whole family will be on the same page and nothing gets lost in the translation
  • Everyone will be far more relaxed (the dog or puppy too)
  • If the dog or puppy has been giving one person more difficulty we can address it
  • We can include the kids in the training (and as the best background distractions of all!)
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Why Invest In Training Someone Else’s Dog?

  • We focus on your priorities instead of sharing our time on other people’s dog’s issues. (I even send you an advance wish list so we don’t miss anything.)
  • The pace is tailored for your dog. No dog gets left behind or gets bored.
  • We don’t have the distraction of six other dogs (Who lives with that many dogs?)
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Why Not Troubleshoot Where Trouble Starts?

  • I see things that dog owners don’t. The home setting lets me see more.
  • What might work in a training center may not in a home or an apartment and I can tailor your approach
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Shouldn’t Behaviour Problems Be Assessed When Your Dog is Least Stressed?

  • Where else to address territorial aggression beside the dog’s territory?
  • Dogs with anxiety issues should be seen where they aren’t going to be made more anxious.
  • Causes (and solutions) for house training problems are more easily pinpointed in the home
  • We don’t risk creating one in our dog because of another dog owner’s handling mistake with an aggressive dog in a group setting.
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Why Expose Your Puppy Unnecessarily?

  • You can start your puppy training way earlier as having all the innocualations complete isn’t an issue. Pups will learn more and develop fewer bad habits.
  • Learning new things is stressful. The less stress, the more learned and retained. In-home is best.
  • Puppies need socialization. Your home and neighbourhood is the place to learn how and where to start. (My program is the best in North America) A busy once a week class isn’t enough nor is it the safest place. (I literally wrote the book on puppy socialization – here it is)
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Free Phone Consultation with John Wade

  • Over 20 years experience
  • London Ontario’s most referred trainer
  • Veterinarian Recommended
  • Nationally syndicated dog behaviour newspaper columnist “Ask the Dog Guy”
  • Author of several books
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