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Sending Video(s) Of Your Dog’s Behavior To Ask The Dog Guy

When looking for answers about a dog’s behavior the more details you forward the better. However, sending video as well generally saves tons of time and fills in a lot of the blanks. After you’ve sent in your question via this link, ‘Ask The Dog Guy A Question‘.

Email servers and data plans are not always the friendliest when it comes to sending video due to the file sizes. If you have trouble sending as an attachment to an email or just want to be sure it arrives from the get-go, here is the easiest free way to get your video securely into my hands:

What To Send

The most useful videos will include the following:

  • Example(s) of what your dog is doing.


  • Example(s) that include you and what you are currently doing in response (and have done in the past, if you’ve tried other things as well) to change the behavior. There’s no judgment, we know it’s not working or you wouldn’t be sending video. However, it allows me to see how your dog responds and that is very useful in providing you with some guidance.

How To Send

Once you have one or more videos you can send them to me either directly from your phone or from your computer. Here’s how:

Send Your Video Using Your Mobile Device

  1. Go to and you’ll be presented with the option to ‘Add your files’. You can do so by clicking on the blue button.
  2. Then enter my email address – [email protected]
  3. Then enter your email address.
  4. Add a message (if you like)
  5. Click on ‘Transfer’

Send Your Video Using Your Computer

  1. Transfer the video from the device used to collect it to your computer.
  2. Open a browser and go to
  3. Select – Take Me To Free
  4. Click on Add your files and go to where your video or video files are stored and select them one at a time if they are stored in separate regions or all at once.
  5. Add my email address to the Email to field ([email protected])
  6. Add your email address to the from field.
  7. In the message field add what you feel is appropriate.
  8. Click on Transfer

In both cases, Wetranfser will upload the video(s) to their server and send you an email to let you know they have successfully uploaded the file(s) and have sent me an email to let me know they are available.

When I receive the aforementioned email I will upload to my computer. When I have done so, WeTransfer will send you a last email letting you know that I have the video(s)


John ‘Ask The Dog Guy’ Wade

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