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WadeCollar for my Cane Corso

Best Age for a Cane Corso Pup and a WadeCollar

Hi John,

We are picking up our Cane Corso puppy next week. He’ll be 8 weeks old. Do I need to get a WadeCollar that will fit him now and then a new bigger one as he grows? Or wait a few months and get a bigger size he can grow into?

Chris in Texas

Hi Chris,

I sell more WadeCollars to Cane Corso owners than any other breed. Not sure why that is but delighted to hear from you.

Unless you find you’re having problems controlling him physically (which is unlikely at 8 weeks of age) you can likely wait until he’s 6 months of age. You can buy a larger one now which will fit due to the way the collar is designed but there will be quite a bit of extra material hanging off to the side. The downside to this is that if he sees it off to the side and starts chewing on it when you’re not looking it can be a bit of a problem. The other is sometimes with the extra material people don’t compress the cord lock before adjusting the collar to the dog’s neck and as a result, they just push it into place which wears the outer material from the collar and extremely shortens it’s lifespan/usefulness.

Info about the WadeCollar –


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