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"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

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Adding a Second Dog

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Golden Retriever Adult and Puppy
Hello John
We have a 4 year old golden retriever (neutured)  who is very well behaved and the love of our life.  My husband and I were thinking of adding a second dog by getting another golden (female) pup but were wondering if this will interfere with the great relationship we have with the 4 year old.  Any thoughts or recommendations?
D.C. Delaware

Hi Deb,

The trick with bringing a pup into household with an existing dog or two dogs at the same time for that matter is to make sure that the bond they develop together doesn’t override the bond you hope to build with yourself. That can make training a little harder and can be a little disappointing on a personal level from the “man/woman best friend” perspective. I find that is easily overcome by making sure the pup’s leash is left on a lot so that you can connect whenever you wish to. Clipping it to your belt for a while every day can really help. The pup just has to follow you about as you do your thing around the house.
Gender and personality can impact the relationship the dogs have with each other as well but it often doesn’t rear its head in an ugly way until the youngster gets to the point of achieving young adulthood. I’ve found the the likelihood of conflict is higher when the dogs are of the same gender. There can be scraps for hierarchy, particularly if the dog owner has left it up for grabs by not living with the dogs in such a way that they both understand that it’s not their house, they’re in fact just living there.
John Wade
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