"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

"Ask the Dog Guy" with John Wade

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My Cane Corso is Different – He Loves Everyone

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Hi John,

I have a 14month male, Cane Corso. He’s amazing and when I read all the above stories () I just can’t believe it! I feel very lucky. He’s truly a gentle giant. Well, he’s 110lbs so agile. Great with all other breeds and loves everyone. We are thinking of another Corso a female this time as folks are saying not to have two males.

Hi Carm,

This is not that abnormal for a Cane Corso of only 14 months. For what it’s worth, you may or may not see a subtle shift where he starts to behave more in keeping with his genetics, once he enters adulthood (18 months to 3 years of age.) This is why it is so important to get a foundation in early and also why so many Cane Corso (in particular males) get euthanized once adults. Many behave like they’re Labrador Retrievers when they’re young and people let their guards down and end up not putting the foundation work in that is necessary for a guarding breed of this size. Don’t let him fool you. A few months down the road, he may remember what his grandparents did for a living and you’ll be glad you put the training and level of lifetime supervision, that the breed warrants.


John Wade