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Retrospective Study On Hypersensitivity-Hyperactivity Syndrome In Dogs: Long-Term Outcome Of High Dose Fluoxetine Treatment And Proposal Of A Clinical Score

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I suspect that the number of spelling and grammatical errors found in the paper below is indicative of its legitimacy. However, it’s an opportunity for me to express my opinion regarding my suspicions regarding any diagnosis that suggests a dog suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I cannot say that it is never the case, [...]

The Physiological Function Of Oxytocin In Humans And Its Acute Response To Human-Dog Interactions: A Review Of The Literature

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Type: Literature Review Personal Comment: Ever wonder why you love dogs so much? Journal Name Journal of Veterinary Behavior Paper Title The physiological function of oxytocin in humans and its acute response to human-dog interactions: a review of the literature ABSTRACT Oxytocin is increasingly recognized to have a role in human-dog bonding and interactions, and [...]