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John Wade’s Next Dog Training Seminar or Lecture

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dog training seminar

Teaching a Dog to Stay in 5 Minutes Without Food or Fear

Check Out These Dates for an Upcoming Dog Training Seminar

Thursday April 25th (7 – 9 PM)

Topic: How Your Dog Sees the World (and teach a loose leash walk, come and stay) Dog Training Seminar

Admission: Free
Where: London, Ontario’s Central Public Library’s Wolf Performance Hall (251 Dundas Street, London Ontario)

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Tuesday May 8th (7 – 9 PM)

Topic: How to ‘Superbly Socialize a Puppy’ Dog Training Seminar

Admission: Free (13 registered and seating is limited)
Where: Full Details at: http://www.meetup.com/LondonDogOwners/
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