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Video – A Puppy Learns to Pay Attention – Discipline Doggy Style

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I often use this clip in workshops for dog trainers, veterinarians and vet techs when we talk about methodology, ethology and the role of discipline in dog training. At first glance it can be a little confounding. Look carefully and see if you can guess what the grandmother taught the puppy. It definitely learned something but as it didn’t see the warnings she gave it wasn’t the obvious. Add your take on it in the comments below. I’ll add my own take after you’ve had a chance to add your own.

People that haven’t spent much time around puppies and dogs that live with each other day to day are usually quite taken aback by this clip and worry that I’m showing them a scene out of the canine version of ‘Grand-Mommy Dearest’. All I can say is even though she’s not up to date on the latest literature regarding training all-positive and ignoring bad behaviour and seemingly not overly concerned with this particular puppy’s self esteem, she has raised many puppies that went on to live happy confident lives.

You’ll note at the end that the puppy dusted itself off and went off to play. It did eventually learn to not smell grandma’s bum when she’s having a drink. Wise advice for all grand children with grandmothers that drink.

Send me your own videos of puppies being encouraged and discouraged by a related dog. I’d love to have a look at different canine parenting styles.

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