'Ask the Dog Guy' with John Wade

Embracing Science and Common Sense

Stupid “Dog Trainer” Tricks

Watch the video below and decide about this variation on ‘Might Is Right’ Dog Training.

Multiple Choice

For fear of being beaten, will these dogs learn?:

  1. To avoid this garbage pail
  2. To avoid all garbage pails
  3. To avoid this garbage pail when this human is watching
  4. To avoid the garbage pail when any human is watching
  5. To avoid humans
  6. To avoid humans around garbage pails
  7. That perhaps people that would be hard pressed to successfully stock shelves but decide to “work with animals because they love them”, don’t necessarily know enough to:
    1. train their own dog
    2. train someone else’s dog
    3. volunteer or work at a shelter for anything other than cleaning up poop
    4. change a child’s diaper
    5. wipe their own rear ends
    6. all of the above


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Embracing Science and Common Sense
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