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519 Dog Owners Facebook Group

519 Dog Owners519 Dog Owners

Check out on Facebook a new group – 519 Dog Owners for dog owners in the 519 (and related area codes in Southwestern Ontario) code to connect. The url is:

519 Dog Owners is a casual Facebook group where dog owners share tips, jokes, rant, vent, post events, missing dogs, ask questions etc.

No written in stone rules at this point. The group description advises, “Just think of someone you want to be proud of you (parent, child etc.) and pretend they’re watching your every post. 😄 If your passion gets away from you, you’ll likely get a chance to redeem yourself. Disagreeing is fine. Just don’t be disagreeable when doing it.”

Share the link with your dog enthusiastic friends if they’re in the same 519 general area code.




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