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Aggressive Dachshund – Towards Husband

Dachshund Not Found of Hubby

Dear John,

My 6 year old male dachshund has been aggressive toward my husband for most of the 6 years we’ve had him, but lately he’s getting worse. It’s only when my husband walks by him that he will nip/bite his ankle. What is the problem?

C.D. (Gardendale, Alabama)

Dear, C.D.

Hard to say with any certainty what the problem is without knowing a lot more but often what’s going on is the dog doesn’t understand it’s place in the house. My dad used to say to us kids, “This is my house, you guys just live here.” That didn’t mean he didn’t love and treat us well we just were clear on the basics and it avoided a lot of conflict if we were otherwise confused as to who lived in whose house.

This sort of thing can be turned around but with aggression problems I think you need to work face to face with an experienced trainer as opposed to an email or telephone exchange. See if you can find such a trainer in your region to work with.


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5 thoughts on “Aggressive Dachshund – Towards Husband”

  1. I adopted a male 11 yr old dachshund who I was told loved everyone. He did well for about a month. He has gotten attached to me but when my husband comes close to me he tries to bite him every time. What can I do? I love this dog he thinks my husband is gonna hurt me so he tries to keep him away. I don’t want to get rid of him. He’s so loveable with me. Help me, please

    1. I’m pretty sure what you have here is a resource guarder but instead of thinking that food, toy or bone is their resource to protect, you are now a resource and neither you or your husband are perceived as an authority figure in the dog’s eyes. That’s what has to change. Here’s an article I wrote a few weeks ago that outlines what resource guarding is in a little more detail.


  2. Where do I look about the resource guarder and what I need to do to stop him

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