Cane Corso Red Flags

Young Cane Corso With Multiple Red Flags Regarding Aggression

Working hard perhaps, but not working smart. In most instances, the Cane Corso is a hobby level of commitment as opposed to a pet level. Not all but almost all of what you describe above are based on ‘All Positive/Purely Positive/Force-Free… .’ the arena of the amateur companion dog trainer and serious trouble for a Cane Corso owner.

Cane Corso Aggression

Aggressive Since 12 Weeks Cane Corso

We would like our 2-year old neutered male Cane Corso to be able to go places and have him behave. He aggressively barks at people when we are in the car, aggressively barks at other animals on-leash when we are walking him and attempts to lunge at them. He will not allow any animal (even …

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Multiple Dogs In The Same Household - Aggression

New Dog In A Multiple Dog Household – Aggression

We have 3 dogs a Golden, German Shepherd Mix, and a St Bernard Mix. Last may we took on my sons Australian Shepherd while he deployed for the Airforce. Everything was going really well until about 2 weeks ago when she has started getting very aggressive towards our St Benard Mix, which we think has …

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When To Put An Aggressive Dog Down euthanasia euthanize

When Should You Put An Aggressive Dog Down (Euthanize/Euthanasia)

When you have a dog that is continually threatening to bite and/or is biting or is only not biting because of owner diligence and precautions and the behavior is unrelated to physical health issues, you have four options. It is more of a funnel really as one leads to the next.

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