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Ask The Dog Guy Newsletter (June 2022) Issue #1

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Made Me Chuckle

Rina Piccolo Canadian Cartoonist

This cartoon was created by Rina Piccolo. I love her cartoon style, and I love her sense of humor. Turns out she was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario (just a couple of hours from where I live) and as far as I know, still lives there. Check out her website:

". . . my gorge rims at it. - Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 1

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I Advise Caution To This Victim Of Violent Crime Regarding 'Pulling The Trigger' On Getting a High-Drive Guarding Breed

I received a letter from someone that was a victim of a violent crime that was looking for guidance as to what sort of guard dog to purchase. On the surface, understandable enough, however, there are a few extenuating factors, not to mention the level of ongoing commitment. (15 minutes)

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An 'Ask The Dog Guy' Tip

Get Extra Blood Drawn During Your Dog's Heartworm Appointment

When your dog is at its healthiest is when you should get his or her first full blood panel. Not when he or she is feeling poorly. Better to compare your own dog’s levels than the average of other dogs. (3 minutes)

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If you have any questions or comments as always, please give me feedback on Twitter. Which part of this newsletter is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions? Please let me know. Just send a tweet to @askthedogguy and put #askthedogguynewsletter at the end so I can find it.

Have a great week.

Pawsitively yours,

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– John Wade 🐾 (

P.S. Deal Of The Week

The Beautiful Balance Dog Training With Nature's Template - 'Fully Balanced Companion Dog Training'

The Beautiful Balance – Companion Dog Training With Nature’s Template (downloadable eBook)

Dog Training Without Food Or Fear

Quite possibly the shortest book on companion dog training ever written. In fact, more of an essay. Nevertheless, if you can ignore the fact that I seemingly ignored every grammar and editing rule in existence (I did), you’ll likely learn more about companion dog training from the perspective of what not to do and why, and what to do and why than anywhere else. Only $4.99 CND which is about $4.40 US. Click Here

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My goal in 2022 (and onward) is to provide larger numbers of companion puppy and dog owners with access to science and common sense to counter the tsunami of ‘treat, treat, treat’ or ‘might is right’ misinformation that the amateur dog training world disseminates. I will be doing so via my YouTube Channel, Ask The Dog Guy ‘Pawdcast’, and an increased presence on things like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (and this newsletter).

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– John Wade 🐾 (

How You Can Train With John 'Ask The Dog Guy' Wade

I have helped companion puppy and dog owners from around the world (Canada, USA, England, South Korea, India, Mongolia) and I’ve received tons of Five Star Google Reviews)

I have quite a bit of detailed information prepared that answers most questions. Send me an email with as many details as you can and I’ll get back to you quickly with an overview of how I can help. [email protected]

Listen To The Ask The Dog Guy 'PawdCast'

Pawdcast content ranges from responses to companion dog behavior questions, to tips about training, breeds, breeding, rescues, etc. You’ll find the content is very different from most of the guidance you’ll find on the Internet and from people whose training experience seems to be based on watching the movie The Lady and The Tramp and confusing it with a documentary about dog behavior. (Treat, treat, treat or might is right.) Instead, you’ll find guidance based on both science and common sense along with the perspective of a 30+ year career working full-time with companion puppy and dog owners and their dogs.

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2 thoughts on “Ask The Dog Guy Newsletter (June 2022) Issue #1”

  1. Veronica

    Babysitting a 7 year old well trained female Presa Canario for 2 months. Yesterday she sniffed and walked for her 5 walks. Today she was skittish, paranoid and walked slow. I think missing her owner along with seeing him once or twice a week is confusing her. What do you think? Can you help thank you.

    1. Hi Veronica,

      I think she would have walked in that manner on day one, instead afterward. Something is definitely up though. Did this change in behavior coincide with the owner visiting? It may pass on its own, but I would suggest you replaced the walks with some cardio-oriented exercise, as that is what will help if she’s stressed. Also, for guarding breeds, like the Presa Canario, walks ultimately can be perceived as patrols, which aren’t exactly relaxing. Try the cardio option, and see how she responds.

      – John “Ask The Dog Guy” Wade – Embracing Science and Common Sense

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