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Ask The Dog Guy Newsletter – November 16, 2022 Issue # 8

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November 9, 2022 Issue # 7

Made Me Chuckle

Another favorite of mine; Hilary Price, is a cartoonist, storyteller, speaker, and hales from western Massachusetts. “Rhymes With Orange,” her award-winning comic strip, appears in newspapers internationally. (She was also the youngest woman to have a syndicated strip.) Check out her website for other comics; she’s great…

A Dear "Ask The Dog Guy" Video

Barking and Bark Collars

They Can Work... But...

Someone writes that is using a type of bark collar on two dogs, and it sort of solved the barking problem but caused a more serious problem. It’s not the tools, folks; the fool at the end, the tool, that’s often the problem.

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An "Ask The Dog Guy" Article

Same Litter Puppies – Good Or Bad Idea?

Wives Tale or a Reality? Some people want to get two pups at the same time for a variety of reasons, that more often than not are either wrong or less significant in impact than you might think.

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Ask The Dog Guy's Power Steering Dog Training Collar

If your dog is more powerful than you and you’re tired of coming home from a walk with one of your arms longer than the other, you might need a little leverage. Note: The goal of any training device should be to teach self-control, rather than to force self-control. Always learn how to use your training tools before just ‘winging’ it.

Click Here For More Power Steering Information

P.S. Deal Of The Week

The Beautiful Balance Dog Training With Nature's Template - 'Fully Balanced Companion Dog Training'

Quite possibly the shortest book on companion dog training ever written. 😄 In fact, more of an essay. Nevertheless, if you can ignore the fact that I seemingly ignored every grammar and editing rule in existence (I did), you’ll likely learn more about companion dog training from the perspective of what not to do and why, and what to do and why than anywhere else. Only $4.99 CND, which is about $4.40 US. Click Here For More Information

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Do You Need Help With Your Dog?

Bad Dog

I have helped companion puppy and dog owners from around the world (Canada, USA, England, South Korea, India, Mongolia).

I have quite a bit of detailed information prepared that answers most questions. Send me an email with as many details as you can and I’ll get back to you quickly with an overview of how I can help.


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