Breed + Boy/Man = Disaster

Argentine Dogo Doing What It Was Bred to DoHi John,

My 20 year old brother has an un-neutered 16 month old Argentine Dogo. I am beginning to feel uncomfortable in the house, as whenever I am around him as he becomes tense and the hair on his back raises. If I even so much as pet him the hair continues to raise, he begins staring and growling. In some rooms if I show up in the doorway, he stares, growls, bares his teeth and moves towards me in a threatening manner so I back off. He is over a very muscular dog, over a hundred pounds, and I would not stand a chance if he ever chose to attack. What is the answer to stop this behaviour.


Dear Becky,

Good breeders and rescues know better then to sell even a Chihuahua to a boy of 18. Few are mature enough to provide for the needs of a dog. A breeder of Argentine Dogo would have to be insane to do so. For those that don’t know what an  Argentine Dogo is, picture a pit bull on steroids and then pretty much double it’s size. Picture a dog bred to hunt wild boar and cougars. Magnificent in its courage but not your average pet.

A while back the province I live in decided to make Pit Bulls illegal. I wondered at the time, “What do they think is going to happen? The young boy/men looking for courage on a leash are going to go out and buy hamsters? No, they’ll find some other breed to ruin.”, and they have. Pit Bulls didn’t spontaneously as a breed turn into slathering marauders. They’d been around for ages as a very stable breed and while many still are, they attracted breeders like this breeder with all the ethics of the American mortgage industry and enough owners that were on a first name basis with the local constabulary that their famed stability went down the toilet.

Instead of holding the breeders and irresponsible dog owners accountable, some of the powers that be banned them while others held owners accountable. Guess which is working? The breeders or greeders as I call them and the “I have a pit bull because I can’t afford a Harley” crowd have moved on to potentially more dangerous breeds that I estimate within 5 years will be in the news not for mauling but killing people.

The truth is there are very few people with the ability to understand and commit to what it takes to keep an Argentine Dogo a responsible member of society but they do exist and I’ll bet they’re going to be just wild that some wannabe Argentine Dogo breeder is being so irresponsible because they know it will sooner or later cost them their dogs. In an amateur’s hands this breed could easily become a gun with a brain and selling this dog to someone that hasn’t even wore out his first disposable razor is as criminally negligent as selling him a handgun and throwing in a bottle of hooch to boot.

As far as I’m concerned, you’re in immediate danger. I’m not ignoring the possibility that training  might make a difference but in this case forget it. Your brother is not the boy for the job. I predict that by the time that dog hits 18 months of age you or someone else will have made a trip to the hospital emergency. If I were you, either the dog goes or I would and I’m not kidding.

Hopefully the breeding industry will band together against the greeder industry and self regulate because if they don’t it’s going to get done for them by the government and the radical animal rights groups; but it will be just a single regulation, “Illegal to Own.”

Paw-sitively Yours,

John Wade –

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