Powerful Stud of a Cane Corso Aggressively Protective of His Food and Toys

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Female Cane Corso With a toy

Our Cane Corso (named Tito) is about 14 months, and he is just a very powerful stud of a dog. He is extremely playful and well tempered, he responds to commands extremely well for a 14-month-old ball of muscle with extremely high energy, however, after adding a 2nd into the family pack Tito has become [...]

Puppy Mouthing Nipping and Biting

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puppy mouthing nipping and biting

If you have a puppy mouthing nipping and biting problem in spite of following the instructions of a trainer or online recommendations, here is the very likely reason why. The Advice You’ve Been Getting Is Probably Wrong (And Making Things Worse) Almost every bit of information companion dog owners receive on the topic of puppy [...]

Cane Corso Dog Nervous Around Child

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dog nervous around child

I recently acquired a 2-year-old female Italian mastiff. She is a great dog, acts great around the adults, but something freaks her out when someone is on the floor. She is great with our 8-year-old grandson but nervous of the 1-year-old who spends a lot of time on the floor, she sometimes abruptly butts him [...]

Seriously Aggressive Doberman – Possible Reasons Why

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Aggressive Doberman

I have a three-year-old male aggressive Doberman.
 We did obedience with him his whole life. The problem started off as redirection. He got into a fight with his brother. When I tried breaking it up, he snapped at me. And I had no choice but throw him down and hold till he gave up. I [...]

Beware The Cuteness Trap – Tips For Cane Corso Puppy Owners

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cane corso cuteness trap

The Cane Corso Puppy Cuteness Trap Recommended Reading For: Any companion dog owner with a Cane Corso under 18 months of age. People Interested in Owning The Cane Corso. Breeders of The Cane Corso (as a resource for puppy inquiries and buyers). Companion Dog Trainers that work with Cane Corso companion puppy owners. Veterinarians with [...]

Fearful Bulldog Around Food Dish After Fight

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fearful bulldog

Hi John, We used to feed our English Bulldogs (two of them) together, and then the female began to get really aggressive with the food. We started to feed them separately and for a while it was working out fine, until a few months later, the male dog is refusing to eat from a bowl. [...]

Aggressive Cane Corso Risk Assessment

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risk assessment

Dear John, In advance, english is not my first language so please bare with me if there are mistakes in my grammar! (There weren’t that many errors. I’ve corrected what I noticed but I’m no Grammar King either.) After a long couple of weeks, maybe months I found your site and collected the courage to email [...]