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Aggression In Dogs That Live Together

Dogs Fighting

Why Dogs That Live Together Start Getting Into Serious Fights

The movie the Lady and The Tramp wasn’t a canine behavior documentary. Not all dogs, due to the nature, and, or nurture reasons outlined above are inclined to live with other dogs. However, sometimes we set them up to fail. There are options, and results vary. With enough effort, it’s technically possible to force dogs that live together to behave, but that’s not the same thing as enjoying living with other dogs and can be very stressful on one dog, or the other(s), and the owner.

It's not the size of the dog in the fight

Adolescent Female Doberman Fighting Dogs She Lives With

“Super Sweet And Never Been Aggressive Towards Us” I have a female doberman 15 months.  She has had aggressive interactions starting at about 10 months, (she came into heat around a year) with my other 3 dogs, 2 females and a male, golden retriever, saint Bernard and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Most times there is an …

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