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Anxiety and Fear

Tail Chaser

Hi John An elderly friend of mine acquired Hope, a miniature dachshund when her original owner passed away. We have two questions, the first being why does she chase her tail? Could it be a flea on the tip of her tail?? The second question is how to get Hope to stop licking. For example, …

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Dog is afraid of eating and drinking out of a bowl.

Dog is afraid of eating and drinking out of a bowl.

Hello John, Could you please help me figure out why for the last 3 years my 12-year-old mixed black lab refuses to drink out of a bowl and now even a flat platter. She approaches her food bowl with fear as well. If there is even the slightest bit of noise or if her food …

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Thunder Revisited

Dear  John, My min schnauzer, Olive, has increasingly become fearful of various noises – fireworks noises in particular.  She pants heavily, will not settle down, and her whole body shakes.  Her shaking and panting became so extreme that I thought she might have a heart attack. Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem? Eve …

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More Dog Anxiety – Thunder

Hi John. My dog does not like thunderstorms. I don’t know if you can help me or not but I am at my wits end. His anxiety is through the roof. Lisa Dear Lisa, Thunder phobic dogs often have specific characteristics and other distressing symptoms. In addition to their anxiousness as a result of the …

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